Do men seem to be less caring and considerate when dating?

 Dating Motivation

All actions whether positive or negative stem from a reason or reasons for acting – in other words…. motivation. We go to work because we’re motivated by the money and the constant reminder of life without work. We travel because we’re motivated by the desire and anticipation of the experience.

We maintain our health because we’re motivated by the consequence of neglecting it. When we participate in sports, music, dance, etc. we’re motivated by our passion and the personal fulfillment we receive while participating. We care for our families, households, and friends because we’re motivated by our love and commitment to them. So, we can say we’re motivated by consequences, desire, passion, love and commitment. Without motivation, there is no action, and if there is action, it may be accompanied with negative connotations. Which leads us to ask this question – what really motivates men? As women, we have the ability to do things purely out of love. Consequently, we expect this would also be the mindset of men, which I suspect may not be true. Could it be we’re motivated by love, desire, and commitment while men are motivated by passion and consequences? When a relationship reaches the stage that a man begins to show disinterest it usually means he is no longer passionate about the relationship and is not concerned about the possible consequences of its end. When we women end a relationship, it usually means we no longer desire to have him in our lives.

We must note that a man can be passionate and still not be in love. It’s only when we combine one of our motivational elements – love, and one of his motivational elements – passion, that we really have the ingredients we need for a lasting relationship. Ladies, a man, can’t have passion for anyone or anything he doesn’t value. So, show your worth – respect yourselves and see what a difference it makes in your lives.