Treat Her Like A Lady

 What are the of the questions today?

     Curiosity is increasing as more and more people are asking the question – “What is a five Star Man?”  I had the pleasure of dining with friends and relatives just this weekend to discuss just that.

What I enjoy most as we elaborate on the books content is the fellowship of friends, family, and acquaintances. There was one individual that was under the impression that the Five Star rating system was to be used to rate both men and women.

What is the Five Star System?

This Five Star system is used by women only to determine the stability of the her prospective spouse.

We’ve come a long way over the last 40 years. Nowhere is this more evident than in our music.  I found a youtube video I’d like to share from years ago that reflects the attitude of that day regarding how women should be treated.

Just for a moment let's reflect on how things should be as opposed to how they are.